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Qualities of a Guest Speaker

A highly confident speaker is said to have the qualities of being competent, credible, intelligent, knowledgeable, likable, and believable.

All of us reading this blog are proficient in our particular areas of expertise.
To share your knowledge fruitfully, these qualities of a public speaker will ensure that your presentation or knowledge transfer will influence, inspire, and make a meaningful impact on your audience.

  • Have the confidence when you’re speaking and presenting in front of others and this confidence is the key.
  • Awareness facilitates your choice of becoming a speaker. This awareness helps you to pick up the reactions of your audience and help you connect.
  • Empathy is a moot feature in a guest speaker. Regular speakers focus their speech on “what do I want to say?” but an inspiring speaker responds to the perspective of their audience, seeking mainly to dish out what they seek. So, if you are empathetic you will be listened to and respected.
  • Balance is absolutely necessary. The aptitude to judge which information is to be imparted and how much, in order to take your audience on an incredible journey of knowledge.A specialised guest lecturer can really make an impact on students.
  • Boldness- Only if one is bold you can go beyond your comfort zone and face the audience with aplomb.
  • Authenticity- When you are true to yourself then this truth connects you to your audience and makes a lasting impression on them.
  • Enthusiasm – If you’re truly enthusiastic about your subject, that feeling will stand out and quell any nervousness you may have while you are giving your presentation. You must have total confidence in your subject and be yourself while you are on stage.
  • Passion- In order to actually communicate to people through speech you need to have passion about your subject. Passion will make your speech meaningful. You need to exude a high level of earnestness in your emotion when communicating to your audience if you want them to be impressed by your presentation.
  • A no holds barred attitude that makes you give everything to your audience, including your own secret to success in business and in life
  • If you are a natural speaker then you do not have to sweat it out to connect with your audience. They will be all ears to what you have to say.
  • If you are an excellent storyteller you will have the attention of the audience.

Awe-inspiring public speaking is not a daunting task. With some practice, and with these key principles in mind, anyone can master it, without question.

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Author of the blog, Harjeet Kaur is a freelance columnist with Times of India.

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