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Key areas to focus this academic year.

In this competitive age mere college education is just not sufficient and students should take an active role in internships, extracurricular activities and by attending Guest Lectures. Through these, students learn to put classroom theory into action and reinforcing concepts that they have learned.

Keys areas to focus and improve this academic year.

Project Management
Internships and playing key roles in student organizations help students with project management skills that can only be honed through practice. Understanding the art of Project Management can assist you in becoming a better employee, parent and citizen.

Personality Development
Building and nurturing friendships and relationships with peers, participating in events and networking are occasions for personal growth and development. You can sharpen your communication skills, listening skills and speaking skills, social etiquette, time management, building confidence and self-assurance are some of the chief personality development traits that a student can cultivate. 

Working in a Team
Work culture is healthily divided into teams and working in an environment of a team is a skill that needs to be worked at. Adapting to different work cultures, personalities and handle varied viewpoints needs skills of patience, maturity and discipline. Learning to adapt to different personalities and accommodate diverse perspectives is a skill that requires discipline, maturity, and patience.

Being a leader, Team building, stimulating & empowering others, delegating and problem solving are key traits learnt from team building. Students can take part in team sports and assignments where they have to accomplish as a team. Michael Jordan rightly said, “Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships.”

Leadership Skills
Leaders are required in a home, at the work place, in a sports team and of course to lead the country and all t looks up to a leader. Students should don the mantle of leadership on campus, sports field, in the community and build up traits of leadership. These can begin by taking up chief spots in student organizations or in the community. 

Guest Lectures


The concept of Guest speakers is by no means new but not widely popular yet but instead of an AV program on a monitor it is better to have a guest speaker in your classroom. It would be a fresh change for the students, new and engaging.

Guest speakers are brought in to illustrate points in an innovative manner and break the monotony of the same class teacher and students routine. They may involve the students in a better way, use teaching aids and teach at a different pace. Students get the chance to learn something new which is a stimulating part of education.

Regular teacher helps students to gain greater amount of knowledge, and a guest speaker will share knowledge with a new twist that would register faster on students’ minds and gives an altered outlook.

Many professionals like to connect and interact with students and love to share their fascinating work experiences. A CEO may relate how he reached the top position or an adventure traveler would share his globe-trotting capabilities with aplomb. Guest speakers tend to make more impact and hammer home the same lesson more easily than a regular teacher.

When a guest speaker walks in, students’ faces light up and the excitement is electric. All in all it enhances a student’s educational experience which will help them in the industry.

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Author of the blog, Harjeet Kaur is a freelance content writer.

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